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Government agencies from Poland are responsible for the purchase of goods and services to support World Bank projects in the country.The specific office in the government that handles procurement of goods and services is referred to as the 'Project Implementing Agency'. There is no contractual relationship between the World Bank and the suppliers. 

World Bank procedures have been established to ensure that procurement is conducted efficiently and in an open, competitive and transparent manner. 

Guidelines and Policies

Bidding Opportunities

World Bank borrowers are required to submit timely notification of bidding opportunities and advertise these opportunities and expressions of interest. The following websites contain invitations to bid or express interest for contracts under World Bank-financed projects:

  • The Development Gateway Market (dgMarket) is a global online marketplace providing information on donor and government-funded tenders. Currently, dgMarket publishes tender notices for projects funded by the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, Europe Aid, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, EU members states, Phare/Tacis, and the World Bank. For more information, contact:
  • The United Nations produces UN Development Business which provides information on business opportunities generated through the World Bank, regional development banks, and other development agencies. Development Business is available in either print format or by online subscription. For more information contact the Development Business Liaison Office at Tel: (202) 458-2397; Fax: (202) 522-3316 or E-mail: 

Information on Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

The best way to find out about upcoming procurement is to subscribe to Development Business, a United Nations publication that monitors projects in the pipeline of the World Bank and publicizes opportunities to bid as they arise.

 More on Development Business

World Bank Assistance in Improving Poland's Public Procurement System

The World Bank and other donors have assisted Poland in improving its public procurement system to ensure greater transparency and competitiveness. The World Bank has also helped the Polish government prepare standard bidding documents and contracts for goods and services.

A World Bank report - link below - assesses the procurement environment in Poland. It determines the compatibility of the country's national procurement law and practices with the principles of economy and efficiency and with international practice. Its recommendations help to ensure that sound procurement practices are followed in the World Bank projects. They also provide valuable feedback to the country so that it can improve the transparency of its procurement processes and enhance the efficiency of public spending.

 Country Procurement Assessment Report  (July 2000)  (129 KB, PDF File)